A Doctor with Inventive Spirit

DDr. Heinrich, doctor in Vienna

The Perfect Cellular Health by DDr. Heinrich® series of products was developed by the Viennese doctor DDr. Karl-Georg Heinrich, MD. DDr. Heinrich employs the latest medical treatment methods at his clinic for aesthetic surgery and regenerative medicine.

  • The body’s own stem cells
  • Liposuction with microcannulas
  • Growth factors from skin and hair
  • Hormonal Regeneration® with bioidentical hormones

DDr. Heinrich’s innovative ideas have allowed him to continually make new inventions. He holds multiple patents for inventions in the field of medicine.

As a doctor, DDr. Heinrich employs an holistic approach. His therapeutic recommendations put emphasis on handling the body as gentle as possible. Therefore DDr. Heinrich aims to develop of non-medical alternatives in order to solve bodily issues.

The result is our product series Perfect Cellular Health.

With each of our products we strive to meet your requirements for best quality and effectiveness. As a doctor, DDr. Heinrich attaches particular importance to high-quality ingredients without the addition of artificial sweeteners and flavors.

Beautiful Skin

Looking back on his long career as a doctor, DDr. Heinrich has come to realize that many people are concerned with improving the quality of their skin, which is why he decided to develop a product to help the regeneration of the skin. Perfect Skin by DDr. Heinrich® was born…

Ideal Weight

Another burdensome problem is overweight. We can help you to lose weight in order to achieve your ideal weight with Perfect Weight by DDr. Heinrich®.

Anti Cold

We are currently developing a new product. Here is what we can already reveal: Cold protection on a natural basis.

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