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I tried out nearly everything to get my magnificent head of curls hip-length. From Kerastase hair care to Spirulina, Silica, and Pantogar capsules, broad-toothed horn combs and absolute banishing of hair straightener, dryer, & Co.

But to no avail – at the time when my hair was shoulder-length it stopped growing or started to split.

Then a friend of mine told me about Perfect Skin. I started taking the powder one year ago and now my hair has reached a length, so long as never before. I can truly recommend this product to everybody who has a similar problem. I wish you success ☺!

— Kathi L., 34

I’m sooo glad! Coming home after a long day and getting surprised by something in the letterbox – that’s the perfect way to get myself in the right mood for Christmas. My dear friend DDr. Heinrich, MD from Perfect Skin apparently listened to me very carefully at our last coffee party 😉 and memorized, that I’m planning a Christmas Special for the readers of my blog “Stadtplanze” in December. And without giving too much away, we can reveal that it is all about beauty ☆. Thus he sent me an inventory of Perfect Skin Beauty Drink, so that I’ve got the opportunity to try it out ♥ Have I already mentioned how glad I am? Thanks a lot, dear Karl-Georg!

Barabara Kaudelka

Experiences with Perfect Skin Beauty Drink: I tried out Perfect Skin mainly because of my thinning hair. Just a few weeks after taking Perfect Skin I recognized that there was hardly hair on my pillow at night and also less hair in my comb after crewing out. Apparently I don’t lose as much hair anymore. Aside from that my girlfriend notes that my skin texture looks more healthy and wrinkles were becoming less. But for me it’s especially about my hair. Amazing product!

— Anton N., 45

Dear Team of DDr. Heinrich,

Perfect Skin has positively influenced my life in many respects. I am a working mother of two (stress!) and have been suffering for years from chronic enteritis. After consultation with DDr. Heinrich I have tried using Perfect Skin – and the results are amazing.

The most surprising thing was to me that, since I am using Perfect Skin, the remission phase can be maintained despite lowering my other medication dosage. In addition to the changes DDr. Heinrich had predicted, namely a considerably smoother and radiant complexion, I experienced a substantial increase in my quality of life as a “side effect”. And although I am participating in endurance sports at least twice a week, my cellulite has significantly improved – more than with any other product!

I am so delighted!

— Kerstin, 35

Creams are often expensive and mostly they don’t do any good. But admittedly I am very enthusiastic about this small flask! After one month I have seen considerable effects like higher skin resilience around the eyes. I am convinced and therefore I do gladly recommend the product.

― Professional boxing world champion Nicole Wesner, 38

Hello Doctor,

You have been right with all your predictions in terms of Perfect Skin! Overall, my skin has become smoother along with fewer red spots. The thing that impresses me the most, however, is the fact that I am no longer suffering from severe hair loss than before I started using Perfect Skin.

Thank you so much for your professional support and your great product!

— Stefan, 35

Dear DDr. Heinrich,

My daughter has given me Perfect Skin as birthday present! The use of it has led to the same result as my daughter had experienced – my skin is much smoother, my wrinkles are much softer and I feel many years younger! Meanwhile, I can virtually do without any anti-aging creams and trust in Perfect Skin!

Best wishes from Lower Austria, Ilse (54)

Dear DDr. Heinrich,

First of all I want to thank you for giving me the opportunity to try out Perfect Skin. The result was apparent within a short period, my cutis which is constantly tending to skin blemish was bettered and my complexion got smooth, clean, and bright. I could even recognize positive results on finger nails and hair, namely its visible and strong growth.

So in my opinion Perfect Skin is absolutely recommendable for the younger generation too!

Best regards,

I am 33 years old and I thought that now I was starting to get wrinkles, which in itself would already be bad enough. Just the simple imagination that the skin begins to hang down and you always look tired. I mean always – no matter how much sleep you get…

Girls, that’s the absolute horror!!!

But that’s not all – my skin not only wants to become saggy, it additionally tends to become impure. Simply great, so I thought – pubescent, wrinkled skin… So what will be the next thing to come?

And since I was truly unhappy, I went to see a great number of physicians and spent a lot of money for various products. Occasionally, it slightly improved – however, I was never really satisfied!

Until I finally came across Perfect Skin some time ago.

I had discovered a website on the Internet that really made me curious. It certainly was not cheap, but to be honest, since I had already spent so much money before, I decided to give it a try… hoping that it would help!

Meanwhile, I have been using Perfect Skin for almost 3 months now and I am absolutely delighted. My skin has improved tremendously and there are hardly any impurities anymore. My husband even asked whether I secretly went to see a cosmetic surgeon ;-).

I also feel myself much fitter and full of energy.

It helps me to feel completely comfortable and finally relaxed again. Now, I even have the courage to go out in public again without wearing makeup and I am pleased to receive so many compliments from friends and colleagues…

Thank you so much!

— Sarah-Marie

I would like to express my sincere thanks to DDr. Heinrich. I am truly happy and satisfied with your product Perfect Skin.

As recommended by DDr. Heinrich, I have been using Perfect Skin for 3 months now.

My well-being has benefited enormously in addition to my most beautiful complexion.

During our weekly brunch, my childhood friend even said that if she wouldn’t know any better, she would have thought that I am “in love”! Obviously, I am all smiles and look much younger!

In return for such a great compliment, I will give her Perfect Skin as birthday present!

— Gisela, 56

For about four months I take in Perfect Skin Powder daily and I am meanwhile impressed by its effect. My desire of bettering my complexion was fulfilled. Around my eyes and as well along the base of my nose wrinkle depth is significantly reduced although I had and have restless nights for years due to my kids. Now I am really happy when I look into the mirror and I am lately overwhelmed with compliments from my friends and acquaintances!!! Since autumn I have neither been ill nor did I catch a cold. That cannot be a coincidence, especially because I normally had to struggle with colds frequently.

— Lea G., 41