Perfect Weight by DDr. Heinrich® App

Your Companion to Your Desired Weight

Perfect Weight by DDr. Heinrich® App

iOS app with support

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The Perfect Weight by DDr. Heinrich® App offers an innovative approach to efficient, sustainable weight loss – invented by DDr. Heinrich.

  • It is your daily companion for achieving or maintaining your desired weight.
  • Easily keep track of your eating habits and progress in losing weight.
  • Useful nutritional recommendations that suit your personal needs will help you reach your goals.

The Perfect Weight by DDr. Heinrich® App is available for iOS (iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch) and can be installed via the Apple App Store.*

Purchasing the app in the DDr. Heinrich Shop® gives you the opportunity to submit a support request for the app. Support inquiries will only be answered by e-mail in English or German. Any guarantees that the submitted problem will be solved are excluded.

* Depending on the type and tariff of the Internet connection installation and use of the app may cause costs for the Internet connection/data volume or other services that you have to bear. The Terms of Use and Privacy Policy of the Perfect Weight App apply. No guarantee for the availability/functionality of the app on your device.

Depending on how pronounced the weight problem is, in addition to using the Perfect Weight by DDr. Heinrich® App further measures can be recommendable in order to sustainably decrease the body weight. Medical-assisted weight loss therapies or liposuction in particularly pronounced problem areas are to be considered.