“Hairgate” with the iPhone 6 – What to Do?

Users keep complaining about the new Apple iPhone 6 on social media. First it was “bendgate”, now it’s “hairgate”: iPhone 6 is said to pluck hair from hair and beard. What to do if you are affected except to complain on Twitter & Co.?

One possibility is simply to provide strong new hair growth on head and beard: With Perfect Skin by DDr. Heinrich® Beauty Powder hair grows much longer and more stable, because it nourishes the hair optimally with the right collagenous peptides.

Stop complaining about lost hair and start to enjoy Perfect Skin by DDr. Heinrich® Beauty Powder daily!

DDr. Heinrich, MD

Can Food Make You Beautiful?

In ancient China beauty-conscious ladies were recommended certain foods – including cockscombs. Today we know that cockscombs contain natural hyaluronic acid, which improves the water binding capacity of the skin and thus protects against wrinkles.

I see in my practice that even very young people benefit from taking hyaluronic acid and collagen regularly. In very young women with flawless wrinkle-free skin the benefits of this remedy is quickly to be seen in hair and nails. They are anatomical parts of the skin and together with the skin they gain stability and beauty.

From the age of about 30 years it is especially important to take care of our skin from within by consumption of collagen and hyaluronic acid! By doing so we can save a lot on unnecessary expensive creams and lotions that are hardly absorbed by the skin.

In my clinic we have developed Perfect Skin by DDr. Heinrich® Beauty Powder to make this ancient knowledge from China available in a contemporary way suitable for Western tastes.

I am convinced that many expensive treatments of aesthetic-plastic surgery, such as facelifts, eyelid corrections, peelings, laser treatments, etc., could be postponed or or spared altogether when importance is attached to optimal diet and nutrient intake. We see especially good results if bioidentical hormones are taken from the age of 40 or preventive treatments with the body’s own stem cells are performed.

“Perfect Skin” wishes you

DDr. Heinrich, MD

Can You Drink Beauty?

Starting at about the age of 25 years the collagen and hyaluronic acid content of the skin decreases, causing the skin to store less water. Most often this will be visible in the early 30s: The skin becomes thinner, dry and wrinkled. From about 40 years this gets very noticeable.

How do we increase the internal moisture of the skin? Certainly not by torturing our bodies by drinking three liters of water daily or by having doctors inject hyaluronic acid or collagen into our skin. Also, the external application of creams brings only a small portion of the substance under the skin.

It’s better to increase the content of collagen and hyaluronic acid in our skin by taking these substances every day in an appropriate way! These substances are essential for tense healthy skin. Taking collagen and hyaluronic acid is a millennia-old tradition in China.

For the Western taste there are now collagen and natural hyaluronic acid blended with valuable organic pure juices available for everyday drinking – Perfect Skin by DDr. Heinrich® Beauty Drink!

“Perfect Skin” wishes you

DDr. Heinrich, MD

More Beautiful with Three Liters of Water per Day?

If we drink too little, the subcutaneous tissue dries out and the skin gets wrinkled. This is even true for young people. From about the age of 25 the content of collagen and hyaluronic acid in the skin decreases and this effect gets more prominent. It gets particularly noticeable from about the age of 40 years.

Should we compensate this by drinking more water? But… drinking too much makes us no joy and can strain our bodies. As long as we are healthy we should only drink when we are thirsty. Our body tells us its demand for water over the feeling of thirst. We should not drink too much water just to make our skin bloated.

It’s better to increase the content of collagen and hyaluronic acid in the skin, which is essential for the skin to look vital and healthy, by taking collagen and hyaluronic acid daily in a suitable form:

Perfect Skin by DDr. Heinrich® Beauty Powder!

DDr. Heinrich, MD

Beauty from the Inside Out – The New Beauty Drink Perfect Skin

My blog readers will know that I inform you about the latest trends in aesthetic and rejuvenating medicine, however, concentrate only on those products and treatments I personally feel are of use.

I would now like to tell you about a new development from my clinic, which we have been working on for a long time: Instead of applying skin care products onto the skin, we can now give our skin a treat straight away by simply drinking beauty! Our innovative beauty drink Perfect Skin by DDr. Heinrich® makes it possible. It contains the substances that the skin needs to regenerate, namely, collagen peptides and natural hyaluronic acid, both of which are essential for the skin’s firm and healthy appearance.

Our skin’s capacity to regenerate its natural components, collagen and hyaluronic acid, decreases from the age of 25 onwards. The skin ages, it becomes drier and less firm. Aesthetic surgeons soon came up with the idea of injecting collagen and hyaluronic acid into the skin to more or less “fill it up”. As you know, I am very critical of practices involving the injection of these filler substances, because the results often look unnatural and nodules may form. For this reason, I thought about a more natural way of applying collagen peptides and hyaluronic acid to the skin – by nutrition! My many journeys to Asia helped me in this regard: In China, foods containing hyaluronic acid have already been recommended for centuries for those wanting more beautiful skin.

After several years of gaining experience optimizing the recipe for our Perfect Skin food supplement, the time had come for the Perfect Skin by DDr. Heinrich® Beauty Drink:

After drinking 1 small bottle of Perfect Skin by DDr. Heinrich® Beauty Drink per day over a period of approximately 2 to 4 weeks, the results were superior to those involving the external application of frequently expensive creams and lotions: The skin regenerates from the inside out and becomes firmer, more vital and smoother. Small wrinkles disappear and the skin’s appearance improves overall. Other parts of the body also profit from the special mixture of amino acids contained in the collagen peptides: Hair and nails become more attractive, the body’s production of the important fountain of youth hormone HGH is stimulated, having a rejuvenating effect overall, as you, dear blog reader, will already know.

The basis of Perfect Skin by DDr. Heinrich® Beauty Drink is organic pomegranate juice, mixed with other organic direct juices from fruit in their natural state without the addition of sugar. The processed fruits are known for their very high antioxidant content, important for protecting cells from aggressive toxins, and the substance resveratrol, whose rejuvenating, regenerative effect on cells has been scientifically proven.

Since Perfect Skin by DDr. Heinrich® Beauty Drink contains only natural fruit sweeteners and no sugar is added, our product is also suited for diabetics and persons wanting to lose weight. Perfect Skin by DDr. Heinrich® Beauty Drink is free of any artificial sweeteners and flavorings and contains only natural substances.

Perfect Skin by DDr. Heinrich® Beauty Drink is available in high-quality glass bottles without plasticizers, instead of the plastic bottles widely used.

A shot bottle contains 60 ml. The recommended daily dosage is 60 ml.

Perfect Skin by DDr. Heinrich® is produced in Austria using quality products and initially will be available only in our clinic, through our web shop on the Internet as well as in selected pharmacies, cosmetic salons and health food stores. For more information, please visit www.ddrheinrich.shop as well as www.ddrheinrich.com.

Here’s wishing you “Perfect Skin”,

DDr. Heinrich, MD