Indiana Jones and the Goat Eyes

For several parts of Indiana Jones Harrison Ford has slipped into the role of an adventurous archeologist of the thirties, who has to preserve mostly magic artifacts like the Ark of the Covenant or the Holy Grail from the access by evil-minded Nazi henchmen of the “SS-Ahnenerbe”. As you probably know, “Reichsführer SS” Heinrich Himmler tasked staff of his “Ahnenerbe” to look for magic items and archaeological remains which should give evidence of the “Aryan race’s” supposed superiority. Especially the Holy Grail was wanted by the “Ahnenerbe” thoroughly but without success.

In the episode Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom there are no Nazis for once, but followers of the anthropophagous Indian goddess Kali who have stolen God Shiva’s lingams (temple stones) from the temples of faithful Hindus to abuse them for magic rituals with human sacrifices. Beside lingams Kali’s henchmen also steal children who have to look in mines for further holy stones in compulsory labor. Indiana Jones, who was brought to India, gets asked for help by plagued farmers.

The local young maharajah seems to be law-abiding by supporting British colonial rulers, but secretly he is a follower of Kali and her black magic rituals. Indiana Jones found the first indication of maharajah being sympathetic to Kali at a feast for the diplomatic corps at maharaja’s court, where dishes like monkey brain, beetles, living snakes, and goat eye soup were served. All of which are rather uncommon dishes for faithful Hindus. Especially the goat eye soup is of particular interest for us:

Arab and other peoples enjoy eating goat or sheep eyes, because it is said that they have a strengthening effect on vision. Not surprisingly, in the view to the fact that eyes are consisting of hyaluronic acid to the largest extent.

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After breathtaking adventures Indiana Jones of course succeeds in liberating the children and bringing back the holy stones to the lawful owner. He also escapes firmly the mentioned doubtful culinary delights. For us westerner it is good news anyway that we can take natural hyaluronic acid without eating goat or sheep eyes.

DDr. Heinrich, MD